Our primers prepare desired surfaces for our epoxy and polyurethane applications.

Polin® EP 9001 two component epoxy primer
Polin® EP 9011 two component epoxy primer
Polin® EP 9111 two component waterborne based concrete epoxy *new product*
Polin® EP 9115 two component waterborne based epoxy paint primer *new product*
Polin® EP 9008 two component humidity barrier epoxy surface primer
Polin® EP 9050 two component metal primer
Polinat® 5049 two component polyurethane primer
Polinat® 5005 two component polyurethane based gap filling primer
Polinat® 5059 one component polyurethane based primer for surfaces of ceramic and marble


Polin® Ep 9001 & Polin® EP 9011 epoxy primers is strong, high resistant to acids and other chemicals,expand the life of application will be performed on

Polin® EP 9111 two component waterborne epoxy primer chemical & mechanic resistant,viscous structure,applied for humudity flooor,by its permeable property no inflation fireproof,no hazardous material to health and environment

Polin® EP 9115 waterborne epoxy paint primer, used for primer on the wall before applying paint.

Polepox 9008 epoxy primer; with excellent bonding to wet concrete, provides time and wokforce saving

Polin® Ep 9115 metal primer provide protecting for profile and steel plates from corrosion after sandblasting and has  chemical resistance for  high water, solvents and abrasion

Polinat® 5049 primer; fast curing, easy applied, binding dust, good penetration and excellent adhesion

Polinat® 5059 pigmented primer; provides adhesion of coatings to surfaces of ceramic and marble

Polinat® 5005 primer; fills gaps and levels surfaces