Founded in 1989, Polin Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, with specialist and experienced staff on-site has now become one of the leading companies in its field in Turkey.

Polin Kimya manufactures polyurethane, epoxy, hydrocarbon, acrylic and stpehybrid production processes with the accreditation of TÜRKAK, TSE, UKAS and produces at ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards.

Polin Kimya , hardwood adhesives, rubber adhesives, aromatic SBR and EPDM, aliphatic EPDM rubber binders, epoxy and polyurethane stone binders (UV Aliphatic), synthetic grass adhesives, specific adhesives curing in 30-35 sec, industrial floor coverings, sports floor coverings produces epoxy-polyurethane flooring systems, mold and filling materials, electrical insulation resins, waterproofing systems, joint fillers, polyurethane and epoxy water-based paints.

Polin Kimya , which has increased its product range and production capacity since the year it was founded, owes its place in the sector to production by taking into consideration the needs and expectations of consumers without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction. With the power of R & D unit, Polin Kimya offers customers over 150 products including its patented product from a single point.

Today, with its 30 years of experience and technical knowledge, Polin Kimya exports its products to more than 55 countries by giving priority to customer satisfaction and realizes special production for many local and global brands including the world’s major brands.

Polin Kimya was established by Levent Coşkunsu and started its activities with casting resins for electricity sector, metal protector and pastes for automotive sector.

Polin Kimya has entered the white goods sector by starting to produce special glues.  production for construction has started by performing roof isolations.

The production of double component polyurethane parquet glues according to the request received for gluing the long solid parquets.  Started its activities in floor coating applications (hygienic floor coatings ).

Polin Kimya has become a limited liability company.

Tthe trademark registry for Şerifoğlu® parquet glues and varnishes

Double component elastic parquet glue power-pol® brand has been registered.

The production of very fast curing glues specific for automotive sector. double component parquet glue tixo-pol® brand has been registered.

Iso 9001:2000 total quality management system has been certified by Ukas (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)

Started for the production of uv resistant Polyurethane transformer paint  used in all kinds of electric equipment in the electricity sector.

The production and sales of epoxy undercoats and floor coating products

Polinat® brand has been registered.  Iso 9001 is  accredited by Turkish accreditation agency and iso 14001 is accredited by Ukas.

Our new product for insulation of the foundation wall on the construction.
Special adhesives for rubber floors rub-x adhesive are started to produce .
Production of polyurethane for tables and desks ending.
The sales of epoxy floor coating systems for frigofric trucks.

Start to sell erasable one component ms hybrid based adhesive named silex.
Special adhesives for artificial grass rub-x adhesive are started to produce .
The sale of  Pol-Marine D4, marine adhesive began.
Unique D3; wood, laminate and laminate adhesive was added to our product line.
Started to apply our pu products on water tank casting by receiving an approval from government.
Patent to refilling insulation resin called Polinat 8010.
Electrical isolation (winding) varnish sales began.

First production of hydrocarbon resin for electrical insulation in Turkey and registered as PLN trademark by polin kimya.
First Turkish company received ts.631.152 for electrical resin as PLN.
Polin Kimya moved to a new factory in Tuzla Organisation İndustry.
We participated in the BASRA-IRAQ General Trade Fair.

New products are added to our production group and working on r&d, such electrical  insulations on a variety of application areas, binder for rubber floors, water based epoxy casting resins, humudity barier ep primer .
Participated to International Build Exhibition,2012 İstanbul
We participated in the TUYAP Construction fair.

Garde is added to our production range which is cear coating material using as top coat for protecting,preventing from drawn,smooth and stainless.
Epoxy based paints,
Epoxy humudity barrier
Adhesives for tactile pavings and polyurethane for wood imitation ,
Epoxy primers for metal,
Polinat 6016 multi – purposes adhesives for visiually handicapped at the application of textile paving
Are added to product group.
Participated to International Build Exhibition,2012 and Dubai,Big 5 Exhibition
We participated in the TUYAP Construction fair.
We participated in 2012 Turkmenistan Export Fair.

Polin Kimya participated  to İstanbul International Build Exhibition,2013, Mosbuild 2013 And Construction Fair  and will participate Dubai The Big 5 34. International building & construction show.
We participated in the TUYAP Construction fair.

Turkmenistan Turkish exported products, YUGBUILD Construction Fair Krasnodar, TÜYAP Brazil, BATIMATEC Algeria, Tehran International Industrial Fair, International Construction & Construction Fair Morocco Casablanca and The Big 5 Show Dubai 2014 fair.

Showroom and meeting rooms were built.

An application of 2500 m2 electrical insulation under the platforms of the tram bridge to the Golden Horn was completed.

We participated in Putech Eurasia 2015 fair.
We have increased our factory area twice.
We have received a certificate confirming that it meets FIFA requirements for our synthetic grass adhesive product.
We participated in the FSB 2015 Cologne Fair.

We participated in Project Iran 2016 fair.

We have added Color Binders to our product range.

Sakarya University 2250 m2 indoor sports hall 8 + 2 mm Polyurethane Sports Floor System Application

Adhesion of BJK Vodafone Arena field edge synthetic grass has been completed.

We participated in FSB 2017 Cologne Fair. We received IAAF approved test report with our polyurethane sandwich system from IAAF approval. We applied for CE, EN, ITF reports.

Soundproof and fireproof adhesives have been added to our product range.

Athletic track construction is completed with 5800 m2 Polyurethane Sandwich System in Morocco

Rubber flooring for playgrounds in Turkey, TOKI housing and flexible floors

Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu stadium field edge synthetic grass bonding is completed.

Sakarya University American Football field athletics track was built.
Our products were preferred in Folkart Çeşme Projects.
Ülker Stadium Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Sports Complex field edge synthetic grass adhesives were procured from our company.
BJK Sports Complex Vodafone Park Arena field edge synthetic grass adhesives were procured from our company.
POLIN PU 6017 ART.GRASS product was preferred for Florya Metin Oktay Facilities field maintenance.
Rize Çaykur Didi city stadium field edge synthetic grass adhesives were procured from our company.
We participated in the GALABAU 2018 Nurenberg Fair.

We participated in the FSB 2019 Cologne Fair.

We participated in the 2020 Uzbuild Uzbekistan Fair.

We participated in the 2020 Uzbuild Uzbekistan Fair.

With our AQUA SEAL brand, our product range has expanded with our investments in the waterproofing sector.
We participated in UZ-build Uzbekistan Fair.
We participated in the Construct Erbil Iraq fair.
We re-certified the quality of our parquet adhesive products with the LEED certificate.
We received CE certificate for our AQUA SEAL Polyurethane Waterproofing Brand.