Epoxy Floor Coatings

Product Properties

  • Surfaces that exposed to heavy lifts.
  • Surfaces required to be bright and jointless
  • Facilities which are unwanted dust emission
  • Decorative view can be made
  • Places that are required high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Required thickness can be applied
  • Coatings easy clean,
  • Provides excellent surfaces and can be produced full or semi conductive if requested.

Decorative floor coating with 0.2 mm-20 mm thickness,resistant to chemicals,easy clean, high mechanic resistance. Has  any color & figure can be applied to each field required dust free floor.

Application Fields

  • Hospitals
  • Elektronic industry
  • Tyre production facilities
  • Food and beverage production facilities
  • Textile industry
  • Bottling facilities
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Battery factories
  • Laboratories
  • Tank & warehouses
  • Energy santrals
  • Television studios
  • Drainage facilities
  • Sugar factories
  • Pharmaceutical factories
  • Chemistry factories
  • Paper mills
  • Shops
  • Parking